General Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. Is your business local?
  3. Who owns your business, and next, for how long have they owned it?
  4. What jobs do you have that I can go to see?
  5. Who, exactly, will be installing my roof? Are the workers considered employees or sub-contractors? Can I visit a project they are working on right now, and see them in action?
  6. What training and experience does the crew have? Have they been trained by the manufacturer of my roofing?
  7. What past customers can I talk to?
  8. When would you be able to schedule my job?
  9. How long will my project take?
  10. Do you have proper licensing and certification? Insurance? Workers’ Comp? Please show me proof of these things.
  11. Is a building permit required for my project and, if so, will you be pulling one?
  12. What steps do you take for the safety of your workers?
  13. What steps do you take to ensure the safety of my home and my family?

Questions to Ask About Your Specific Roofing Project

Once you’ve made it through the first round of questions and feel comfortable with the potential roofing contractor, then you may want to move ahead into more specific questions, like the ones listed below.

Roofing Questions

  1. How will you access my roof?
  2. Will you remove any materials that are torn off of my roof, and if so, how? Will you have a dumpster and/or a porta-potty on the site?
  3. Is there a plan for protecting my home’s gutters?
  4. How quickly can you react, and what will you do, in the event of inclement weather?
  5. Will you provide me written warranties both for your workmanship and the product you will be installing? When?
  6. Do you use fasteners that are approved by the manufacturer of my roofing material? Can you provide evidence of that? How do you ensure that the proper number of fasteners are used and that they are located correctly?
  7. How will you protect my driveway and the rest of my property from damage?
  8. What is the cost of plywood replacement if you find any that needs to be replaced?
  9. Who will be my contact during the project and how readily accessible will they be?
  10. Please provide me with specifications and instructions for the proper installation of my roof.
  11. Who, besides the installers, will be overseeing my roof installation for quality?.

More Specific Questions Surrounding Roof Installation

After the roofing contractor makes it through rounds one and two of the questions above, you may want to dig a little deeper into the specifics, just to make sure they are, in deed, the right fit for your home.

More Roofing Questions

  1. Will you be installing all new flashings or are there any old flashings which you will re-use?
  2. Are there any areas of the roof which you plan to just seal rather than flash?
  3. Please explain how your company handles pipe penetrations.
  4. How does your company handle payments?
  5. What things might cause a deviation from the contracted price? How much extra are roof upgrades?
  6. How will you check the condition of the decking on my roof? Will you perform fastener pull-out resistance tests?
  7. Why do you think my old roof needs to be replaced? Is there evidence of things like inadequate ventilation which I should address?
  8. Please inspect my attic and help me evaluate whether now is the time to increase the ventilation in my attic. Please also help me understand if there is any evidence of leaks in my attic or high moisture levels, and how to address those.
  9. Be sure to ask whether any tax credits or utility rebates will be available to you on your new roof

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