When your home seems to have problems all of a sudden, could it be the roof is the cause of all these symptoms? Unfortunately, too many homeowners find out the hard way. That is, after having multiple repairs that the source of their issue is, in fact, the roof. Regardless, one of the best ways to start the process is to get a free inspection from a professional roofer. Once you have your roof assessed, you can start to make a plan of action that produces the best results for the least amount of money.

Heating or Cooling Bills Suddenly Increase

Sadly, when a homeowner sees that their utility bills are increasing, the last place they think of is the roof. They will consider the problem to be one of the more costly issues such as poorly insulated windows. However, this connection between the condition of the roof and the rising utility bills may not be apparent until the summer time. So, when the problem is finally diagnosed, the main issue appears to be losing heating and cooling through the attic due to problems with the condition of the roof. Having the roof inspected first can save homeowners a significant amount of cash.This holds true not only on the utility bills, but by avoiding other types of repairs to the HVAC unit.

Brown Stains Appear on the Inside Walls and Ceilings

One of the main reasons a plumber is called is due to brown stains appearing somewhere inside the home. This commonly is due to a leaking pipe, but it could also be a roof issue. If the plumber does not seem to find any problems with the pipes, your next step would be to call a roof inspector.

Upstairs or Attic Smells Musty

Is there a difficult smell in the upper stories of your house that you just cannot seem to get rid of? Or, maybe, you go up in the attic, and do not want to leave fabrics out uncovered because it smells moldy. Whether you have mildew or mold problems anywhere in the house, one of the reasons they could be proliferating is due to a leaking roof.

Animal Sounds Can Be Heard in the House

Have you recently had an issue with pests in your home? Do they seem to be in the walls but no one can find the access point? Most likely, they are getting in through an open spot on your roof that is no longer secure. This is probable especially if you have overhanging trees on your property.

Roof Has a Dingy, Disorganized Appearance

Your roof may be more than old and ugly. Actually, with a closer inspection, you may find that the shingles or tiles are cracked, missing and curled. And, you may also notice that the metal on the roof is rusting or does not have the normal shine it used to. Although these are cosmetic issues, often they predict that you will be having a roof issue in the near future.

Outside Walls Look Dingy or Discolored

Have you seen a spot on the side of your house that looks different than the other paint colors? If you have brick or stone, you might notice all of a sudden there is some sort of color staining near the roof. If you are seeing these signs, they often indicate that there is a leak on the roof. In addition to having the roof fixed, you may also need to hire contractors to repaint the side of the house and remove stains from stone or brick.

Mold or Moss is Growing on Roof

Moss or mold on a roof is a very bad sign. Depending on the region of the country you live, plants growing means your roof needs to have it’s tiles replaced. Moreover, a roof in this type of condition usually has rotting rafters, and this means that the entire roof needs to be replaced right away.

Vents and Chimneys Have Missing Flashing

Around the vents, fans and chimneys on a roof, there is usually black or silver flashing that keeps leaks from accessing the space between those roof accessories and the roof itself. If you can see your roof from a distance, you will see that flashing looks like some sort of extra tiles, but the color will be different than the rest of the roof. If you notice some of these pieces of flashing are looking disorderly, this is a sign they may have come loose and need to get fixed.

Rafters in Attic are Stained

The next time you are putting away storage in the attic, look up and check out the color of the rafters. If you have exposed rafters of lumber, they are sometimes covered with insulation. When you look around at the rafters, if you notice that some of the insulation is not covering the lumber any longer, this could be a sign of water damage. The rafters could also be stained because they have been exposed to water through a leaking roof.

Granules In The Gutter

When your gutters drain, do you notice there is something sandy in the debris water? This grit could indicate that the condition of your roof shingles is deteriorating. The types of materials used by the shingles include adhesives as well as sandy granules. If you see these in your gutters or around the drainage site, you may need to have your roofing tiles replaced in the near future.

Sagging Roof Lines Obvious From A Distance

This may be difficult to see if you do not have a place to see your home from far away. However, if you take a picture of your roof, you can use a computer photo editing program to get the data you need. Basically, if you cannot draw a straight line across from one corner of the roof line to the other, you may have a sagging roof line. This means that you could need structural repairs to the lumber holding the roof up.

Paint is Bubbling or Cracking Near Roof

Depending on the type of paint you are using, if the wood behind it gets waterlogged, it will peel or crack. One of the biggest signs you need to call a professional roofer is seeing this kind of damage on the outside walls of your home. More often than not, a professional team of roofers will discover that this area of the roof where you saw the bubbling paint has a leak.

Get Help From a Pro Roofer Today

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