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Low Pitch Roof

Low pitch roofs have been a preferred roofing system for commercial, institutional, and industrial applications for decades due to their ability to protect so well against the elements, allowing water to drain away from the roof’s surface, and keeping those inside dry and comfortable. A low pitch roof system can provide your home or business with years of low-cost and low-maintenance performance. In recent years, building owners and architects have come to recognize and appreciate still other attributes of low pitch roofs such as the long service life, low lifecycle cost, sustainability, recyclability, reduced maintenance, low weight, and wind resistance.

Low pitch roofing, generally used on pitches from 1/4:12 to 3:12, is made from interlocking panels known as standing seam roofing that runs vertically across the roof surface. The panels usually will come with a colored mill finish or clear acrylic finish. Metal roofing materials used on low pitch applications may require machine seaming throughout the roof installation to provide a watertight seal. The metal seaming machine is rolled down the panels to crimp panel seams together, providing a snug and long-lasting fit.

The standing seam design provides adequate draining with rain and snow, thereby eliminating puddling, leaks, or other problems generally associated with built-up roofs. A sub-framing system might be attached to the existing flat roof surface to provide a minimum ¼:12 roof slope on some retrofit applications with this roof style.

Low pitch roofs do not degrade like organic materials, which allows this type of roof to resist the elements better, resulting in a longer lifespan with very low annual operating costs. Low pitch roof manufacturers typically offer 20 to 40 year warranties on their products because of the reliability of these products when used for this style of roof. A low pitch metal roof might significantly reduce a building’s long term energy use, with heat deflecting metal coatings reducing energy costs by up to 40%.

Metal roofing products are also available in a variety of materials, colors, and textures. To guarantee a longer roof life, nearly all low pitch roof materials are protected from the elements with high-performance, highly durable metallic coatings. If your goal is having many years of low-cost, low-maintenance, and problem-free performance, or even an environmentally-responsible approach to roofing, low pitch metal roofs make a lot of sense for residential and commercial applications today. Contact Pro Roof for a free consultation on your low pitch roofing system.

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