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Metal Roof

Getting a new metal roof is one of the smartest investments you could make to increase the value of your home since it can offer beauty, longevity, energy efficiency and is environmentally sustainable. While the setup cost of a high quality metal roof will be higher than some roofing materials like asphalt shingle roofs, it’s still an investment that will pay back returns over the span of a lifetime. Your new metal roof could last at least 30 to 50 years, or even more with regular maintenance since they need to be repainted to protect from the elements. A metal roof will offer benefits to every size of home in any region of the country, and may even increase the resale value of your home.

Metal roofing will be able to protect a home from extreme weather such as high winds, hail, or even fire with little maintenance. Your metal roof will accommodate a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors, which can allow for bold architectural statements while effortlessly complementing any home or neighborhood. This material will also maintain their great looks much longer than other roofing materials. Unlike asphalt or other roofing styles, a properly constructed metal roof can handle just about anything Mother Nature can throw at it. Metal is thought of as the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable roofing material currently available based on many factors. Most metal roofs are made from between 30 and 60% recycled materials and are themselves 100% recyclable.

Metal roofs beat many other conventional roofing materials when you consider these factors:

Life Expectancy – When installed properly, your new metal roof could last as long as your house does by sealing out water, surviving the high winds, and shedding snow with ease. Choosing metal as your next roofing material will make it more resistant to fire, mildew, and insect problems. The warranty on your metal roof may vary, but many companies support their products for between 20 and 50 years, while the top layer paint finishes will usually have a 30-year limited warranty which varies based on region.

Structural Weight – When compared with clay tiles of 750 lbs per square (equal to 100 sq. ft.), or concrete tiles of 900 lbs. per square, a metal roof is considered lightweight. Most types of metal roof materials will run anywhere from 50lbs. to 150lbs. per square. Typically, metal roof materials will come in sections of shingles or 12” – 36” wide panels. Some types of metal roofing materials might be applied over the existing roof without having to tear down and add further structural support.

Installation Ease – Our experienced roofers will install these quickly, so if your roof is stripped with a storm on the way, then shortening the install process by one or two days may have a major advantage. Since the metal roof is lighter weight, you’ll be able to save more on engineering costs and when building the supporting structure out.

Fire-Resistance – Since metal roofs are non-combustible, they usually will hold a Class-A fire rating, which is the most resistant, although a portion of your roof’s classification may depend on materials underneath the surface that may catch flame near intense heat. Plenty of metal roofs applied on top of a combustible material like wood shingles will carry a Class-C rating.

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