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Shingle Roof

Shingle roofs are covered with a type of material known as shingles, made from asphalt, and what makes this type of roof its own category is the common shape and functionality that a shingle roof design can provide. Since shingles are usually flat and rectangular, they are applied at the base or the bottom of the roof, working upwards. As the shingles are applied, the last sheet or section of shingle is overlapped and this is continued until the whole roof has been covered from the base to the top. More shingles are applied at the peak of the roof to protect your home from the elements. At Pro Roof, our shingles are available in an impressive array of colors and styles to compliment any trim, stucco, or siding.

What Are The Benefits of A Shingle Roof?
Some of the benefits can be seen right away, while others become evident as more time passes by from getting a new roof. Cost efficiency is generally one of the biggest benefits when choosing a new shingle roof. The asphalt shingles are usually manufactured and purchased in bulk, which allow for affordable pricing when compared with other roofing materials. Installing a new shingle roofs also don’t require as much skilled labor as with some other roofing materials. Shingle roofs also last a long time, having a lifespan anywhere between ten and thirty years.

Shingles made from asphalt can be one of the lighter common roofing materials when compared with slate, clay, or metal tiles. Your home’s structure will ultimately determine how heavy a roofing material you can use, but most houses will handle asphalt shingles very well since they won’t place much weight on the overall structure of your home. Shingles are also made in nearly every color or texture, which can make choosing a color for your house easier since the colors of shingle roofs are versatile and can work well with any style. Some textures allow asphalt shingles appear as other materials like slate or clay tile. Shingle roofs are easier to repair if there is ever a leak, though, so the durability of shingle roofs make them a great choice in harsh conditions.

The asphalt shingles that cover most homes in the United States came from the popular use of wooden shingles. The wood shingle, also known as “shake,” has been used for thousands of years across the world, and traditionally created done by hand. Only as early as the 19th century did the manufacturing process improve with the help of steam-powered sawmills. Even though this innovation made the shingle a popular and successful roofing material, they still weren’t like the amazing asphalt shingles that are being made today.

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