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Slate Roof

If you’re wanting a new roofing system that will last a lifetime while adding a distinct touch of beauty and curb appeal to your home, then you should consider investing in a new natural slate roof. For hundreds of years, slate has been highly coveted because of the natural beauty and superior longevity which is unmatched by other roofing materials. Investing in a slate roof is a big financial commitment, so it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of choosing slate before making your final decision.

The most attractive feature of a new slate roof is the natural beauty, followed by the uncontested longevity and durability. Regardless of its age, a new slate roof will maintain its distinctive appearance for decades to come. Slate tiles are able to enhance any architectural style since they are available in a wide variety of natural textures and colors. Also, many slate shingles will be shaped by hand for specific requirements and often made in a wide range of thickness and size. When installed properly and cared for, it’s not uncommon for slate roofs to last 150 years or more!

When it comes to longevity, very few other materials can compete with a slate roof which will easily last over 100 years, at least twice that of all other roofing materials. Most slate roofing manufacturers will also offer a 100 year warranty on their slate tiles as a guarantee. For those who don’t ever plan on selling their home, the amazing durability of slate tile is also a highly desirable feature. Since roofing waste from lesser materials that are replaced each 10 to 20 years amounts to 5% of all construction waste, it’s also environmentally friendly to choose a new slate roof.

Since it is a natural stone, slate tile is more durable than any artificial materials. The extremely high density of slate tiles make your roof waterproof, meaning no water will be absorbed. Slate is even non-combustible and will also protect your home in the event of a fire, since it is highly resistant to temperature changes and inclement weather conditions (including fungus and mold). These properties and more make slate roofs almost maintenance-free, which allows you to have peace of mind without needing to spend additional funds on maintenance or repairs.

One of the main factors deterring homeowners from choosing to install slate roofs is the higher cost of materials and labor when compared to other options. When considering the grade, thickness, and quality of your slate tile, you should expect to pay between $10.00 and $20.00 per square foot after installation costs are included. The location of your home and difficulty of the roof will also play a major role in determining the overall cost of the project. The flip side to this cost is that installing a slate roof on a house will greatly increase the home’s resale value. In addition, slate tile’s permanence, durability, and curb appeal will make your home more appealing to prospective buyers if you do decide to sell it.

The other main disadvantage to choosing slate tile for a new roof is the extremely heavy weight since the roof deck will need to be reinforced to hold it firmly. Since a slate tile roof might weigh between 800 and 1500 pounds, you’ll first need to have your home surveyed to learn if it will be able to support all the tile weight before having it installed.

The secret to a slate tile roof longevity is with a proper installation. If your new slate roof isn’t installed properly, then it could quickly become a source of major roofing problems. Slate is a specialized system and in order to install it correctly, it requires proper training and experience. Even though slate tile can last nearly forever, if a contractor needs to walk on it, then a lot of damage could be done to the roof very quickly if they’re not experienced with this type of roofing system. Since slate is a natural stone, color variations from lot to lot can be so differing that you might end up with a patch that stands out at a distance. Also, if you lose or break any tiles, it might be difficult to find replacements that match later on. Make sure you only hire experienced local contractors like Pro Roof to handle your slate tile repair needs.

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