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TPO spray coat roofs are a newer development in the roofing industry, and although they don’t quite have the reputation of many other roofing materials, the results from these products have been very impressive. Spray-applied coatings are just one of the many flat roof replacement options available to homeowners in the market today. There are many different coatings available, and each of them will carry different strengths and weaknesses depending on the application. Three of the most common coatings are aluminum, acrylic, and silicone.

The most obvious advantage of a new TPO spray coat roof is the ease of installation when compared with other roofing styles. It only requires a pump and sprayer to apply the coating, and most coatings adhere directly to roofing substrates without a primer for further ease. A TPO spray coat roof is also seamless. Once applied, the spray coating will directly bond to the roof’s surface, forming a complete membrane on the roof that water cannot penetrate. The adhesive properties of TPO spray coatings also allow them to bond to your roof around difficult or awkward protrusions, for further coverage.

Another significant advantage of TPO spray coat roofs are the reflective properties. Once the spray has cured, the coating will reflect sunlight into the atmosphere to help keep both the roof surface and building’s interior cool. If a crack or leak develops in the material, it can easily be sealed with caulk and repaired within 15 minutes after being located. Inspections twice annually could help you monitor and repair areas that become damaged or are risk prone.

When first applied, a TPO spray coat roof is beautiful – crisp, clean, and shiny. After some time exposed to the weather, they will eventually collect some dirt and leaves, along with other foreign objects. TPO spray coatings might remain sticky for some time following the installation, so this might be one time a lot of dirt could accumulate. Although these roofs can easily be cleaned using a power washer, they’ll still get dirty occasionally. This might be one of the biggest setbacks when considering TPO spray coatings.

TPO spray coatings are among the best materials to put on your residential or commercial flat roof today. Setup requires no tear-off process, and the disadvantages are considered to be minor by most happy customers. These roofs aren’t perfect, but they do lack a lot of the common problems that you’ll find with many other style roofs. If you’re considering TPO spray coat roofing, consult a local professional at Pro Roof to decide which one is best for your home or business.

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